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Captain's Club

Captain’s Club is a social enterprise hosting unique sports-themed events across Australia, to profile and support selected charities including The Chappell Foundation.

Founded in 2017, The Captain’s Club encourages those with a desire to unite as a community, and give back, in support of charities assisting Australian families facing unique challenges, from youth homelessness to disabilities.

Held at various locations around Australia, The Captain’s Club’s special events are an opportunity for business people and sporting icons to connect with admirable and like-minded professionals, learn from each other, be inspired, and inspire others, while giving back to the community.

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What We Do

Assisting Queensland families face unique challenges – from homelessness to disabilities – is at the heart of the enterprise.

Each unique sport-themed special event is hosted to profile and support selected Australian charities including The Chappell Foundation.

All proceeds raised go toward helping Queensland families in need

As part of The Captain’s Club’s dedication to helping Queensland families overcome hardship, proceeds from our special gala events go to supporting our charity partners.

Inspire and be inspired

For sport-loving business professionals wishing to connect with, learn, and be inspired by Australian sporting legends, all while being part of a greater good, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Start connecting, learning, and being part of something bigger today.

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